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I know that there are a ton of dog food choices available out there. Marketing and advertising make it hard to know which ones are really the best. There are a few great dog food sites online that offer reviews on dog foods, but I find that there are still too many choices to sift through.

I want someone to do the work for me, I want to know what the top 10 best dog foods are. I want a simple list that I can use to purchase food for my dog.

If you are here, it is because you want healthy and wholesome food for your dog. You are tired of hearing about dog food recalls and deaths from toxic food. You want your dog to have a diet that is as close to natural as possible, giving him/her all the nutrients he/she needs to lead a long and healthy life. You love your dog, and you want to feed it well.

There are many diets you can put your dogs on, such as a raw food diet, freeze-dried diet or canned food diet. I recommend a dry food diet, as this is the most convenient and it will actually keep your dogs teeth healthier, the kibble with help keep your dogs teeth clean. Canned food can cause tooth decay because it gets stuck in their teeth.

We have compiled research from The Dog Food Advisor, Pet Food Talk, brand websites, customer reviews, and dog food experts to bring you a simple list of the top 10 best dry dog foods.teeth

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